Dog Flea and Tick Prevention


Fleas can be a problem for many pets, especially if they have sensitive/itchy skin or an allergy to fleas. They can also infest bedding and caravans, causing discomfort for human family members.

Ticks may be harmless or cause more problems (like the potentially lethal Paralysis Tick). Different ticks are located in different areas of Australia so prevention is key when travelling. Check out our information page on ‘Paralysis Ticks’ to be informed on whether your pet is at risk.

We offer a convenient flea, tick and mite prevention, which also protects against paralysis ticks, dosed as a chewable tablet every 3 months so efficacy is not affected by swimming or bathing. Our vet can assist with giving this to your dog if you are not confident doing so.

Price varies with the size of your dog, please contact us for an estimate.

If you’re not near us or would prefer to shop online, we offer discounted pet supplies via

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