First Aid

Pet First Aid – by Australia’s travelling vet

My pet is having a seizure, what do I do?

  • Call your pet’s name to check for a response (a seizuring pet is unconscious and will not respond).
  • Clear the space around your pet so they don’t hurt themselves.
  • Don’t try to hold your pet as they may accidentally bite you.
  • Time the duration of the seizure.
  • If the seizure lasts less than two minutes, keep your pet calm and quiet whilst they recover as they may be disorientated.
  • If the seizure lasts more than two minutes, they require veterinary assistance as soon as possible:
    • Wrap your pet firmly in a towel to transport them, being careful that they don’t bite you or injure themselves.
    • A seizuring pet is at risk of overheating so wrap a cold bottle of water or a cool pack in the towel with them.
  • Seek veterinary advice for an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan

* These instructions provide generalised information. The content does not replace individual veterinary advice specific to your pet. Professional veterinary advice should always be sought for any animal health issue.

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