First Aid

Pet First Aid – by Australia’s travelling vet

First aid for a small skin wound in your pet

In this video, Dr. Tania will teach you how to bandage your dog’s paw with your Vet in a Van – Navigator Pet First Aid Kit. Knowing some basic pet first aid is essential for all pet owners. In case of an injury or emergency, it is important that you know how to correctly apply a bandage to your pet’s paw so you can keep the wound safe and clean before seeing your vet for further treatment if needed. An incorrectly applied bandage can cause pain, discomfort, infection or may harm your pet. It is simple and easy to bandage your dog’s paw in just a few minutes following these instructions. *

NOTE: A bandage is a temporary solution and should be regularly changed or assessed by a veterinarian. Keep bandages clean and dry or replace immediately if they become wet or dirty.

All items in this video can be found in the Vet in a Van – Navigator Pet First Aid Kit

* This instructional video provides generalised information. The content of this video does not replace individual veterinary advice specific to your pet. Professional veterinary advice should always be sought for any animal health issue.

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