First Aid

Pet First Aid – by Australia’s travelling vet

My pet has sore eyes or something in their eye

In this video, Dr. Tania will teach you how to clean your dog’s eyes with your Vet in a Van – Navigator Pet First Aid Kit. Dogs’ eyes can become red, mucky or sore due to irritation which can occur more often while travelling with your dog due to dirt, dust, sand and wind. Keeping your dog’s eyes clean can reduce the risk of conjunctivitis and eye infections. It is simple and easy to clean your dog’s eyes in just a few minutes following these instructions. *

All items in this video can be found in the Vet in a Van – Navigator Pet First Aid Kit

* This instructional video provides generalised information. The content of this video does not replace individual veterinary advice specific to your pet. Professional veterinary advice should always be sought for any animal health issue.

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