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How to remove a tick from your pet

In this video, Dr. Tania will teach you how to remove a tick from your dog with your Vet in a Van – Navigator Pet First Aid Kit. Ticks in Australia attach to feed on blood and can cause paralysis or transfer diseases caused by bacteria or parasites, like Ehrlichia, Anaplasma and Babesia. In younger animals, a tick infestation can cause anaemia due to significant blood loss. The sooner a tick is removed, the better the outcome for your pet. Here, we show you how to use a tick removal tool to safely remove a tick from your dog. The goal is to remove the entire tick intact, without squeezing it which can release more toxins. An antiseptic should be applied to the skin after tick removal to reduce the risk of infection. Seek veterinary advice if your dog becomes unwell after being bitten by a tick. It is simple and easy to remove a tick from your dog in just a few minutes following these instructions. *

NOTE: See our Tick Check Guide video where Dr. Tania shows you how to check a dog for ticks.

All items in this video can be found in the Vet in a Van – Navigator Pet First Aid Kit

* This instructional video provides generalised information. The content of this video does not replace individual veterinary advice specific to your pet. Professional veterinary advice should always be sought for any animal health issue.

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